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Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium Profiles
Slot profile accessories
Slot profile accessories
Laser cut plates, Semi finished products, Tube systems, Cable conduit
Laser cut plates, Semi finished products, Tube systems, Cable conduit
Mechanical Basics
Mechanical Basics
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Dynamic Accesories
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Workshop supplies Consumables
DIY - Kits Accesories
DIY - Kits Accesories

Motedis DIY

A large selection is a great thing.
A detailed consultation too.
A friendly back office is nice.

Expensive of course.

We make variable modular systems.
For technicians who create, not consume.
We believe that a technician for our products does not need advice.
We know that the application of our products is so wide that we couldn't do any application advice even if we wanted to.
So what exactly does an office worker do apart from being nice...
Do you want to pay for that?
We are a digital factory outlet for technicians.
We omit these functions.
We don't make less of it... We don't do it at all.

Instead, we focused on the following steps:
- Make small orders at the same cost as large orders.
- Automate the interface to the customer.

When our customer can do his technical planning in our system and his order is automatically forwarded to the processor in the workshop...
When the processor in the workshop, automated by our software, processes many small as well as one large order...
And communication with the customer is fully automatic...
Then there is no longer any reason to sell small quantities per piece more expensively than a large one.
Then, using our system, a single technician can buy at the same price as a customer with €10000 per job.

That is our goal.

This is our contribution to the "Maker / Do it yourself" movement.
That makes our prices possible.

A real "digital factory outlet" for everyone.
"Trying to create less waste".
We take the liberty of preventing non-automated communication.
We take the liberty of bundling small orders into packages in terms of delivery times.
We take the liberty of limiting our product offering.

We know that working with us takes some getting used to.

But we will make it so that 100 orders at €100 in our factory cost no more than an order of similar content at €10000.
And we're close...
At the same time, we make sure that packing and sending 100 small packages costs as little more as possible than a large customer pallet.
And then we build a platform for application advice at no extra charge for "half" technicians and for the support of colleagues outside the EU.